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The first impression is fundamental. The diffusion of a fragrant, subtle and elegant note from the entrance hall and the lobby adds an additional emotional dimension to the quality of the welcome and the scenography of the premises.

​Thanks to the power of Olfactory Marketing, build customer loyalty by bringing them emotion, well-being and  a unique experience with a subtle scented note

The use of essential oils brings the benefits of nature to contribute to effort or relaxation, while fighting against possible olfactory nuisances related to these spaces.


Fitness centers and spas are places of relaxation and well-being where the senses are awakened, particularly the sense of smell. Bringing a subtle and elegant olfactory signature contributes to making the sensory experience unique.

According to a BVA study published in 2008, the olfactory atmosphere of a store contributes to an increase in the time spent on site and creates an environment favorable to impulse purchases, favoring the positive and memorable impression of the experience and the quality associated with this place.  


Signing your brand personality in an original and differentiating way, offering a feeling of pleasure from the first contact, making you want to repeat the experience; more and more brands are convinced by the benefits of home fragrance.

The use of synergies of essential oils cleans the air while providing the natural benefits of plants to help create a more pleasant atmosphere conducive to motivation and concentration.


In very busy places, such as airports, car parks, public transport, or in places of life and work, the addition of an olfactory dimension not only contributes to the imperative concern to deodorize but also to that of relaxation. people stressed by their travels and their daily lives.


The quality of the air we breathe in homes sometimes leaves something to be desired. Smells, omnipresent, can enchant us, or, on the contrary, displease us. They have a definite influence on our well-being, and, as numerous studies show, on our behavior.


The diffusion of well-chosen essential oils helps us wake up on the right foot, relax, stay zen and improve our sleep. The influence of fragrances on mood and behavior inspired DAENA with the principles of Aromatherapy and Aromachrology, the result of extensive research in the field since 1976.



Stimulate and surprise your visitors and make them actors in their discoveries; give more meaning to an exhibition and make it unique and memorable.


The addition of the olfactory dimension to the dramatization of an exhibition or an event promotes the staging, contributes to the immersion of the visitor in the era, the atmosphere that we are trying to recreate.



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