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Create, diffuse and communicate
your scent signature with our professional perfume diffusers


Ida and Cyril have always been passionate about scents from all over the world.

After a year of backpacking through Europe and Asia, they came back refreshed and inspired by scents they will never forget.

Eager to share their vision of a world where perfume would be at the service of our well-being and our most memorable experiences, they founded in 2012 in Geneva, the DAENA agency, which became in a short time the leader of Smell Marketing in Switzerland.

In 2014, the French branch was created in order to meet the needs of clients on the other side of the border.

Ida, with a rich international experience in product development and marketing strategy, passionate about perfumes since her childhood, takes over the management of the marketing and sales department.

Cyril, with more than 20 years of expertise in project management and business management, takes on the role of General Manager.

Ida and Cyril's mission is to make brands' everyday life more enchanting by creating positive emotions through scents, to inspire, stimulate and to embellish their customers experience.



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