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Many studies have shown that in a subtly scented store, consumers spend 30 to 40% more time, increasing impulse purchases by around 35%

More and more of your competitors are turning to scent marketing with the aim of perfecting the customer experience and strengthening the image of their brand.

Many studies have been conducted to understand the challenges of olfactory marketing. The results show that within a brand immersed in a pleasant and positive olfactory atmosphere, consumers spend 30 to 40% more in the store.


When the customer enters a subtly and pleasantly scented place, he is immersed in a climate of well-being and trust. Perfume triggers an emotional and impulsive reaction that unconsciously accompanies it right up to the act of purchase.

It was also found that in a scented store, impulse purchases increased by approximately 35%, compared to a place without scent where the customer did not linger, or even, did not materialize his act of purchase.

However, brands no longer use scents with the sole objective of increasing sales, but rather as a means of communication allowing them to differentiate themselves and gain notoriety among the public.

DAENA accompanies you in your approach to retaining your customers by bringing them emotion and well-being.

The diffusion of a subtle scented note in harmony with the universe of your brand will offer a unique and memorable customer experience.


boîte Livraison

With the increase in e-commerce, it becomes more difficult to create emotion and to forge lasting links with consumers.

Our customers ask us for perfume mists to embalm the shipping box that accompanies their products, with the aim of creating an emotional experience and strengthening the bond with their customers during their next visit to the store.

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