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Lobby Hotel diffuseurs et parfums d'ambiance
The first impression is fundamental.

Your Olfactory Identity is the first feeling of your customer when he enters the establishment.

Stand out so that each of your customers remembers you, talks about you. Drive brand loyalty. Achieve a high guest satisfaction score.


The hospitality sector is going through difficult times. The competition is fierce, the demand of your customers is changing. You must constantly innovate to meet new expectations.

Olfactory marketing has become essential to create emotion and stimulate our senses.


The first impression is fundamental. The diffusion of a fragrant, subtle and elegant note, in harmony with the premises from the entrance hall and the lobby, offers an unparalleled experience that will mark your customers. Thanks to your olfactory fingerprint, you will retain your customers by bringing them emotion and well-being.

DAENA offers you the best Olfactory Marketing solutions to control your olfactory atmosphere.

We work with the best perfumers in Switzerland to create studied, unique and memorable scented atmospheres.

A recognized olfactory signature is a guarantee of brand awareness. The need to have an olfactory logo becomes obvious. When we have had a great experience in a place that has marked us and moved us, we like to take part of this experience home.

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