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Residents of retirement homes and nursing homes spend 90% of their time in an enclosed space where the air quality is not always optimal.

Diffusing certain scents can relieve stress, anxiety and depression.

You can now control odors in your healthcare facility with Scent Marketing


To welcome your visitors in a climate of well-being, ensure a pleasant working atmosphere for your staff, or improve the mood of your guests, the diffusion of a suitable scent is the key.

Do not give up control to the odors inherent in your activity: catering, household products, medical products, perspiration have become, despite yourself, the olfactory imprint of your place.

DAENA advises you and offers you the best Olfactory Marketing solutions in order to control not only odors, but also the olfactory emotion of your guests.



The installation of our diffusers and the diffusion of our scents within your health center, EMS and dental office has many advantages.

  • Purification of the air thanks to the antibacterial properties of certain essential oils

  • Creating a pleasant work experience for your staff

  • Reduced anxiety and stress for your patients

Marketing olfactif. Fleures, Odorat et parfums
Santé et odorat. Marketing olfactif

It is now established that our mood can be improved by 40% in a subtly scented place.


Studies have also shown that a vanilla scent diffused to patients undergoing an MRI scan for cancer reduced their anxiety levels by 63%.

Pediatric patients in a hospital also reported a 58% reduction in pain when a stimulating room fragrance was diffused.

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