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"My soul travels on perfume like the souls of other men on music"
Charles Baudelaire

The olfactory invites itself to the museum!

The diffusion of a fragrance, subtle and elegant note in an artistic space adds an additional emotional dimension to the quality of the reception and the scenography of the places.

In places where the five senses are awakened, the choice of a fragrance in harmony with the desired atmosphere perfects the experience and the immersion of the visitor.

During an exhibition or a private event, DAENA accompanies you to create emotion and well-being by stimulating your visitors in a subtle way.

Le marketing olfactif s'invite au musée

Boost your offices

Marketing Olfactif : bureaux

Companies are led to review the concept of offices as places where you can work, but where life is not just about that; places where we share, we read, we eat, we think, we develop ideas, we collaborate, we get informed, we meet other people, we get inspired...

Ultimately, places with enriched and reinvented possibilities.


To energize employees, relax customers, create work and reception areas where you feel good, use the power of a subtle diffusion of essential oils in offices and administrative centers.


An experiment carried out with a Swiss bank showed that customers arrived at the counters 30% more relaxed when the fragrance of pine trees was diffused in the waiting room.

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